The executive branch has tremendous power to reshape food policy through political appointments, executive orders, and regulatory reform.

What has happened in the last year to our nation’s State of the Plate?

Nutrition & Health
Nutrition & Health
We support policies that:
  • Reduce hunger at home and abroad
  • Improve food access and affordability
  • Promote safe, healthy, and nutritious diets for all Americans
Farming Better
Healthier Farming & Fishing
We support policies that:
  • Foster sustainable production across the food system
  • Protect responsible fisheries management
  • Treat animals humanely and curb the overuse of antibiotics
  • Reduce the environmental and human health impact of farming and food production
Fairness & Competition
Fairness & Competition
We support policies that:
  • Level the playing field for producers
  • Respect the rights of food and farm workers
  • Promote the economic growth of local and regional food systems
Here are some of the ways that this Administration’s regulatory rollbacks have affected everyone within our food system—from workers to producers to consumers.
Nutrition & Health
Access to safe and healthy food is under attack.
Federal actions have lowered school nutrition standards, removed important food safety protections, endangered nutrition assistance programs, and delayed progress on food labeling transparency.
  • Rollbacks of nutrition standards in the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Program will allow more sodium, more sugar, and fewer whole grains on kids’ plates.
  • The Administration’s proposed budget endangers successful, vital food assistance programs through funding cuts and false stories about SNAP beneficiaries.
  • The Administration’s delay in requiring an updated Nutrition Facts label keeps consumers in the dark about critical information on the food they are buying, including added sugar and sodium, chemicals and dyes, and serving recommendations.
"We can’t put off paying my mom’s medical bills and her oxygen, so we struggle to get enough to eat – especially since losing our food stamps the last time my mom was in the hospital. She couldn’t get the paperwork in on time and every time she tries to reapply, something goes wrong."
— Rhonda, Louisiana. Courtesy of MAZON's Stories: This Is Hunger
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Healthier Farming & Fishing
Decades of progress in sustainable farming, fisheries management, and clean water protections are being unraveled.
The Administration has enacted sweeping measures to eliminate rules that protect human health and the long-term viability of our soil, water, and oceans.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed a ban on a dangerous pesticide that has lifelong effects of brain development in children despite deep concern from scientists and physicians.
  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) withdrew a proposed rule to improve standards for humane production of organic eggs, despite protests from organic producers and consumers that this withdrawal severely weakens the integrity of the organic program.
  • A Presidential executive order directed the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to repeal a pollution prevention rule, exposing upstream water sources to toxic contaminants that flow into larger bodies and sources of our drinking water.
"It makes no sense that the Trump Administration would pursue actions that could damage a marketplace that is giving American farmers a profitable alternative, creating jobs, and improving the economies of our rural areas."
— Organic Trade Association
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Fairness & Competition
Standards for workers’ rights and fair competition for farmers have been weakened.
Farmers and food workers rely on a level playing field, safe working conditions, and diverse opportunities to survive and prosper, but this Administration has scorned these basic rights for farmers and ignored the vital role that food and farm workers play in our economy.
  • The USDA sided with the largest meatpacking companies at the expense of small producers by withdrawing rules to enforce fair competition and by eliminating the agency that polices deceptive and anti-competitive practices.
  • Immigration crackdowns and divisive rhetoric from the Administration have inspired fear and uncertainty among food and farm workers.
  • The EPA is delaying the implementation of a new rule that includes worker protections from pesticide exposure.
"The abuses occur every day. These companies are shameful."
— Mike Weaver, West Virginia poultry farmer and president of the Organization of Competitive Markets
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