Rep. Paul D. Ryan

Rep. Paul D. Ryan

District: 1st District of Wisconsin
Party: Republican
State: Wisconsin
2017 Score

As the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI-01) does not usually vote on or cosponsor bills. It is tradition in the House for the Speaker to refrain from voting on most issues. Yet, he exercises great influence by leading his party’s legislative agenda and making sure Republican members vote in support of this agenda. In the 115th Congress, Speaker Ryan has led his caucus and recommended cuts that would gut existing environmental and health regulations and to paralyze future rules by executive agencies on science-based enforcement of laws like the Clean Water Act that protect our drinking water. In the 114th Congress, Rep. Ryan earned a 27% score from Food Policy Action for his votes to roll back enforcement of clean water regulations, against transparency for consumers, and against sustainable management of pastures and fisheries. Even with no recorded votes in 2017, Speaker Ryan continues working against improvements in food policy.

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