For Immediate release: December 11, 2018
CONTACT: Monica Mills, 202-365-6696



Food Policy Action is Satisfied with Final Bill Out of Conference Committee

WASHINGTON – Food Policy Action Executive Director Monica Mills released the following statement on the 2018 Farm Bill:

“The conferees for the 2018 Farm Bill have come together to deliver a bipartisan bill. Great work was done across the aisle—especially by Senators Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN-07)—as they and other leaders pushed back on the mean-spirited work requirements in the House version, protected most environmental programs, and permanently funded Local Agriculture Market Programs and other programs for beginning farmers, organic farmers, and certain Tribal provisions. These are big steps. Some really awful riders were eliminated in conference. Unfortunately, however, in Title I, commodity payments remain skewed to the largest and wealthiest farmers.

“In our analysis of six years of votes by House members, An Eater’s Guide to Congress, the data is clear that issues around food have become even more partisan than ever before. There has been a systematic strategy in the House to oppose policies that might create a more balanced food system. These strategies were not acceptable to us and we’re really happy they weren’t acceptable to the conferees.

“The Farm Bill should really be called the Food Bill because it affects everything that gets to our plates. It should provide healthy, safe, affordable food for everyone ensuring that healthy food is not a luxury. A tomato should not cost more than a package of cookies at a convenience store—as it does today. We’re not there yet. Strong, bipartisan efforts went into this final version to protect hungry families, preserve our environment, and strengthen local food programs. While not ideal, these all make for a farm bill that makes great strides forward.”


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