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Food should be a right, not a privilege.

Spike Mendelsohn

Host Spike Mendelsohn

Spike Mendelsohn graduated with honors from the Culinary Institute of America. As a celebrity chef, Spike has appeared on international media outlets, including Bravo TV’s Top Chef, the Food Network’s Iron Chef America and The Rachael Ray Show, bringing continual media attention to the Good Stuff Eatery brand. Currently, Spike serves as the Chairman of the D.C. Food Policy Council, Chef Ambassador to CARE International and Chef Contributor to DC Central Kitchen.

Monica Mills

Food Policy Action's Monica Mills

As Executive Director of Food Policy Action, Monica applies her diverse leadership experience in food policy, electoral work, communications, and government affairs. When leading federal food and agriculture policy at Bread for the World, she was named "Top Grassroots Lobbyist" by The Hill three years in a row. Her skills have fostered growth for numerous organizations including the Peace Corp and the U.S. Department of Treasury. Most recently, Mills graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary with a Master's Degree in Theology.


This week's episode

Ep. 8: We Fed an Island (Puerto Rico) with Chef José Andres and Anna Palmer

Chef José Andrés returns, along with Anna Palmer, to tell the story of Jose’s incredible humanitarian work in Puerto Rico. Jose and Anna discuss how government can be so frustrating to work with for a chef like José who is just trying to feed people, and Spike questions José about his political future.

Recent Episodes

Chef Roundtable 1

Ep. 7: Chefs Roundtable: 7 Chefs Fight for Good Food in America

Seven amazing chefs join the podcast to tell us their dreams for a better food system. Every chef has a story to share about why they fight for healthy and affordable food in their communities, and why they decided they had to come to Washington and lobby congress for a better Farm Bill.
Female Farmers 1

Ep. 6: For the Love of Farming: A Roundtable with 5 Female Farmers

Five inspiring female farmers join the podcast to discuss the challenges and rewards of being a small farmer. Each farmer is in Washington to lobby their Member of Congress on the Farm Bill – they want more support for small farmers, better conservation, and help for the hungry people in their communities.
Kaptur O'Hara 1

Ep. 5: Urban Agriculture with Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Prof. Sabine O’Hara

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Professor Sabine O’Hara come on the podcast to discuss the power of urban agriculture. They help us understand how new technology can combine with new policy to make our food system safer, more affordable, and provide better quality food to people living in cities.
Michel Nischan Pamela Hess 1

Ep. 4: Food is Medicine with Michel Nischan and Pamela Hess

Michel Nischan, a chef and nutrition activist, describes his fight for food to be considered medicine, and how he was inspired to act when two of his children were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Pamela Hess joins to tells us how she brings fresh, healthy produce to food deserts in the Washington, DC area via her mobile market, and how she works with veterans to jumpstart their careers in farming.

Ep. 1: Food is Political with Chef José Andres and Anna Palmer

Chef José Andrés and Politico Reporter Anna Palmer join Spike and Monica to introduce the political side of food. Chef José recalls finding his political voice when a U.S. Senator first came to his restaurant and tells us what he thinks is unique about America’s food system. He also tells the story of how a Spaniard fell in love with America. Anna Palmer reflects on how the food policy landscape has shifted politically over the years and what it would take for Congress to be motivated to overhaul our food policy.

Ep. 2: Ending Hunger with Rep. Jim McGovern and Alex Moore

Congressman Jim McGovern and Alex Moore of DC Central Kitchen make a convincing case to support the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—formerly known as Food Stamps. Letting people go hungry in America is a political choice and both guests discuss how non-profits and governmental leaders alike are fighting for hungry people.
Celinda Lake 1 - cropped

Ep. 3: Food at the Polls with Celinda Lake

Pollster and Political Strategist Celinda Lake joins our hosts to explain the most recent polling data around food issues. Spike wants to know why he never gets called to participate in polls, and Monica and Celinda explain how food issues can make a big difference to swing voters across the country.

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