FPA in the News: Advocates Converge on D.C. as Opposition Mounts to Draft Farm Bill


By Michael Peñuelas

On May 8-9th, 2018, Food Policy Action (FPA) is mobilizing stakeholders from across the United States to voice their united opposition to the draft 2018 Farm Bill released by the House Agriculture Committee.

Advocates have a narrow window in which to convince House members that supporting a Farm Bill that cuts support for SNAP, small farmers, and the working class is not only irresponsible but will lose them support at the ballot box, says FPA executive director Monica Mills. “We are already doing a dismal job providing support for new, young, and small farmers, and this bill is going to be incredibly harmful to rural economies if it eliminates what programs we do have. And the changes to SNAP feel like we’re waging war on the poor,” she says.

Broad-based opposition to the draft Farm Bill is mounting, with more than 350 organizations and industry groups joining an opposition letter. FPA is working to bolster the effort by bringing constituents themselves to the halls of Washington, D.C. to put faces to each critical line item in the omnibus, trillion-dollar bill.


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