Food Policy Action Statement on Trump Proposal to Deny Food Assistance to 3 Million People


WASHINGTON, July 24, 2019 —The Trump administration has issued a proposed rule to take food assistance away from 3 million people—completely contrary to the decisions that Congress made in a bipartisan farm bill passed at the end of last year. This rule would make people in need ineligible to participate in the nation’s first line of defense against hunger, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), even though the Administration’s own U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that this action will increase food insecurity in the United States.

“Unfortunately, this latest attack on struggling Americans will increase hunger in the United States—including for our most vulnerable: our children and seniors,” said Monica Mills, Executive Director of Food Policy Action.

“Their proposed change would ban the categorical eligibility option that allows states to cut through red tape to help hungry families put food on their tables. Why in the world would the Administration want to do this other than to hurt the poor? This is cruel. Period. More families, more children, more seniors, and more people with disabilities will go hungry. More will worry about their next meal and how to put food on their tables. In addition, this rule will harm local economies—especially in rural areas—where every SNAP dollar puts $1.70 back into the economy to grocery stores, distribution centers, and farmers.”

“Since SNAP began, it has helped millions of Americans stave off hunger. The Trump administration should build on SNAP’s successes instead of working to undercut it. This proposed rule should never be implemented,” Mills concluded.

FPA will join other advocacy organizations to add comments opposing this rule. The 60-day public comment period begins July 24.


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