Food Policy Action Statement on House Freedom Caucus’s Extreme Agenda

FPA Co-Founder Tom Colicchio Denounces Cuts to Critical Regulations

“The fight is on,” said Tom Colicchio, Food Policy Action co-founder, food advocate, and chef. “Today, many members in the new Congress locked arms with Big Food and set out to blatantly try and reverse progress that has been made on nutrition, hunger reduction, and agricultural sustainability. This roadmap astonishingly recommends removing over 200 policies impacting many critical food-related issues. We’re not backing down from the fight. We will fight for a food system that ensures that every American has access to healthy, affordable food that is fair to workers, good for the environment and keeps farmers on the land. We will stand united as a check on the Big Food special interests. And we will keep turning the dial forward towards good food policy and arming the public with information to hold their legislators accountable for their food policy record. We’re not going to let Washington turn back the clock on critical child nutrition programs, funding for hungry Americans, water and environmental protections, consumer transparency, or regulations that keep our food safe. Not by a long shot.”

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