Food Policy Action Statement on FDA’s Proposed 2021 Delay of Nutrition Facts Labeling Requirements

Today, Food Policy Action (FPA​)​ issued the following statement from its Executive Director, Monica Mills, at the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed delay of nutrition facts until 2021 for most small companies.

“It is very disappointing to hear that this Administration is delaying more transparent and accurate nutrition labeling requirements–especially around added sugar. As the FDA drags its feet on this important issue for consumers it is putting corporate interests ahead of the health of every American. This decision rolls back progress on nutrition that has bipartisan support. All Americans need more transparency about the nutrition of their food–not less. FDA’s decision to delay keeps consumers in the dark about the ingredients and nutrition in their food.

“We urge the FDA to stop bowing to corporate interests at the expense of Americans’ health. We ask Congress to stand up and fight against more rollbacks by this Administration on healthy food policy. We made a promise to America’s consumers to provide more information, not less. Let’s keep that promise.”

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