Food Policy Action Education Fund Applauds the Failure of the House Farm Bill


WASHINGTON D.C. –​ Earlier today, the House Farm Bill (H.R. 2) failed in the House of Representatives. “This bill was a non-starter from its beginnings,” said Monica Mills, Executive
Director of Food Policy Action. “It was written behind closed doors with no bipartisan consultation or input. That is not the way to write a bill that affects every American and the food we eat at every meal every single day.”

Mills added, ​“Today, we dodged a disastrous farm bill that would have been harmful for millions of Americans. It would have taken food out of the mouths of hungry children in order
to pour billions of taxpayer dollars into the already brimming bank accounts of wealthy, big-Ag farm operations. It would have taken critical funds away from farmers markets. It would have cut vital conservation programs. We need a farm bill that balances the needs of all Americans.”

Food Policy Action will include this vote in its seventh annual Food Policy Action Scorecard available in October, 2018.

Food Policy Action Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization that is a separate sister organization of Food Policy Action. The mission of FPA-EF is to provide a platform for public education and engagement on the impacts of federal policy on the food system.


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