Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn and Food Policy Action Release Weekly Podcast


James Beard Award-winning Chef Michel Nischan and Arcadia Farms Executive Director Pamela Hess featured in this week’s episode discussing food as medicine

Today, renowned chef and television personality Spike Mendelsohn, in partnership with Food Policy Action, released the fourth episode of Plate of the Union — a new podcast that helps connect the dots between what politicians cook up in Congress and what we cook up at home.

“All across America, we look to our representatives in Congress to govern and make difficult decisions. Many of those decisions, whether we realize it or not, make a real difference when it comes to the food we’re consuming,” says host Spike Mendelsohn. “Through Plate of the Union, we’re exploring hunger, nutrition, food deserts, humanitarian food aid, urban farming, you name it. We’ll answer questions like, why does a tomato cost more than a package of cookies at a gas station? How come we still have food and agriculture laws from the 1930’s? And lastly, who are the political power-players affecting these critical issues? We will cover all of the fun, serious, and crazy things you never knew you needed to know about food and our food system.”

“Many things can divide us, but food has the unique power to bring people together, to bridge divides, to spark conversations – and to change the world,” says José Andrés. “I was honored to join Food Policy Action and my friend Spike for this project to talk about the issues that touch our lives in so many ways, and I think we both agree that food can be and should be a bipartisan issue.”

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