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Food Policy Action Statement on Farm Bill Final Passage

Food Policy Action is disappointed that the Farm Bill conference report makes it harder for poor families to put food on the table while increasing subsidies for the most profitable farm businesses in the country.

Flunking Food and Hunger in Congress

Twenty-eight members of the House of Representatives and 10 in the Senate got a grade of zero out of 100 from the watchdog group Food Policy Action because they voted against farm bill amendments to improve how our food is grown, help millions of hungry Americans feed themselves, reform out-of-control farm subsidies and protect the environment from farming practices that foul air, land and water – and that’s just for starters.

Scores Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Food Policy Action was created last year to promote sensible food policies through education and the publication of its annual scorecard, which tracks how legislators vote on issues that affect all of us – ranging from the safety of our food to the treatment of farm animals.

Food Policy Action’s Congressional Scorecard Names 87 Good Food Champions

Food Policy Action, a national nonprofit organization, today announced that 87 members of Congress - 73 House members and 14 senators -- have received perfect scores on its 2013 National Food Policy Scorecard.

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