Gut the Clean Water Act
(H.R. 935)
Date:July 31, 2014
Issue:Knowing What's In Our Food: Harmful Pesticides
267 votes for
161 votes against
The Right Vote Was a No Vote
This bill amended existing federal law that governs the use of pesticides (the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, or FIFRA) and the Clean Water Act to stop the EPA or any state from requiring a permit to discharge pesticides into water, so long as the pesticide is approved for use under FIFRA. The permit allows public health officials to be able to identify the source of poisons making their way into our water.
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  • Environmental Working Group: the twelve most pesticide-infested produce items. Regulation is vital to ensure you and your family are kept safe from unnecessary pesticide exposure.
  • Toxics Action Center: pesticides affect vulnerable people from farmworkers to children; a conglomeration of companies controls the power to make health decisions for the American public.

If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks.

  • I checked to learn about your campaign contributions. You have taken $X from [ pesticide manufacturer.] And I see that you voted against requiring permits for the most dangerous chemicals under the Clean Water Act. Can you tell us why you voted this way? (H. Amdt. 118 to H.R. 953)
  • I can’t afford to shop at an expensive organic grocery store and I worry a lot about how to feed my kids foods that aren’t pumped full of fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics. I don’t think it’s good for them or good for the land. And now I need to worry about our water, too. You voted against requiring permits under the Clean Water Act for large farms to spray pesticides on or near water. Why did you do that? (H.R. 897)
  • You voted against requiring permits for any pesticide or chemical that might poison a fishery. Why did you vote to let companies poison our fish? (H. Amdt. 119 to H.R. 953)
  • You voted to let Big Agribusinesses spray pesticides on drinking water sources without permits, so that if people get sick, local health officials can’t trace the problem. Why would you vote that way? (H.R. 872, H.R. 935)

If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks or stand up at a town hall meeting and let them know how much you appreciated their vote(s).

Are you concerned about your representative's food policy votes? Or do you want to thank your Member of Congress for their good food votes?

  • Add information about these votes to your Facebook or on Twitter.
    • Ask your friends to share or retweet.
  • You can email their Congressional offices directly – let them know that you are a constituent and that you are concerned about these issues. Personal examples, in your own words, about why Harmful Pesticides matter to you will be the most effective.
  • Attend a town hall meeting.
    • Refer to the “Questions to Ask” section for each issue to help you decide what you want to say.
  • Request a meeting with your member of Congress or their staff when they are in their district office.
    • Again, refer to the “Questions to Ask” section for each issue to help you decide what you want to say.
  • Share this website with your friends and family, or through your own social networks.
  • And, most importantly, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6!!
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N/A: This member was not in office.
NV: The member was absent or abstained from this vote.

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