2018 House Farm Bill -- Final Vote
(H.R. 2)
Date:June 21, 2018
Issue:2018 Farm Bill
213 votes for
211 votes against
The Right Vote Was a No Vote
This bill seeks to enact harsh new restrictions to nutrition programs, and cut billions from conservation programs -- to pay for expanded loopholes for billionaire agribusinesses so they can claim government payments.
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  • The Farm Bill should really be called the Food Bill because it touches everything on our tables; from the food we eat and how it is grown, to the drinking water we hope is clean. Reauthorized by Congress once every five years, the Farm Bill has a sweeping impact on America’s health, our economy, and our natural resources. Its twelve sections (known as “titles”) cover nutrition assistance programs, forestry, support for major commodity crops, and much more.
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists outlines some ways that the Farm Bill matters for everyone in the food system, not just farmers, and their priorities for the 2018 renewal:
  • The Farm Bill Law Enterprise project, a consortium of graduate programs in law, public health, and policy from across the country, offers a comprehensive history of the Farm Bill, an overview of the legislative process, and dives into each of the titles.
  • The Farm Bill Law Enterprise project also undertook a year-long process to identify viable steps for improvement in the 2018 Farm Bill. You can read more on each major issue area in their recent reports.

If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks.

  • The House Farm Bill drastically cut food assistance to hungry people, including children under 6. Why did you vote to prevent healthy, nutritious food from reaching our most vulnerable?
  • The House Farm Bill adds additional work requirements for SNAP even though the majority of people who can work already do. Why did you vote for these requirements instead of working for a better solution?
  • I worry that our entire food system is geared toward profit for big companies instead of toward our health and our kids’ health. I think that’s wrong. The 2018 Farm Bill gave even more subsidies to billionaire agribusinesses. Why did you vote for it? Do you take corporate PAC money from Big Agribusinesses?
  • Too many Americans can’t afford healthy food. A tomato shouldn’t cost more than a package of cookies. How can we change our food system to make healthy food affordable and protect our kids from obesity and diabetes?

If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks or stand up at a town hall meeting and let them know how much you appreciated their vote(s).

Are you concerned about your representative's food policy votes? Or do you want to thank your Member of Congress for their good food votes?

  • Add information about these votes to your Facebook or on Twitter.
    • Ask your friends to share or retweet.
  • You can email their Congressional offices directly – let them know that you are a constituent and that you are concerned about these issues. Personal examples, in your own words, about why the 2018 Farm Bill matters to you will be the most effective.
  • Attend a town hall meeting.
    • Refer to the “Questions to Ask” section for each issue to help you decide what you want to say.
  • Request a meeting with your member of Congress or their staff when they are in their district office.
    • Again, refer to the “Questions to Ask” section for each issue to help you decide what you want to say.
  • Share this website with your friends and family, or through your own social networks.
  • And, most importantly, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6!!
Member State/District Party Vote
N/A: This member was not in office.
NV: The member was absent or abstained from this vote.

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