Limit Legal Immigration
(H.R. 6136)
Date:June 27, 2018
Issue:Supporting Small Family Farmers—Not Big Ag: Fairness for Farmworkers and Restaurant Workers
121 votes for
301 votes against
The Right Vote Was a No Vote
We wouldn’t eat much without immigrant labor in fields across the U.S. Those who work to harvest the food that ends up on our plates deserve a path to permanent legal residence and citizenship. This bill, touted as a “compromise” on immigration reform, would have made cuts to the number of those eligible for legal immigration, made it harder for immigrants to join family members who are legal U.S. residents, turned away more asylum-seekers fleeing war and organized crime, and implemented a “points” system to punishes immigrants with lower educational attainment or those who would engage in manual labor. This bill allowed a continuation of the inhumane practice of separating immigrant children from their families at the border and would have loosened limits on how long immigrant children can be kept in detention.
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If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks.

  • You voted against giving sick farm workers information about the pesticides that are poisoning them. Why would you do that? (H. Amdt. 1308 to H.R. 5538)
  • You voted for two bills allowing immigrant children to be separated from their families. Why? (H.R. 4760, H.R. 6136)

If your member of Congress voted the right way, send them a message of thanks or stand up at a town hall meeting and let them know how much you appreciated their vote(s).

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  • And, most importantly, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6!!
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