An Eater's Guide To Congress

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  • Food Policy Action has been analyzing congressional votes related to the food that ends up on our plates for over six years. In this critical election season, this guide provides detailed information about how your member of Congress voted on specific bills. House members who have been in office since FPA started have 55 recorded votes on food policy. This compilation of votes has been prepared to help you determine how your member of Congress measures up when it comes to the food on our plates.
  • Did your member of Congress vote to represent you on safe, healthy, affordable food? Hold your representative accountable. For each of the most critical food votes, we have provided at least one question you can ask your member of Congress online, in writing, at a town hall meeting, or at a debate. Stand up and ask. Tell your own personal story about why safe, healthy, and affordable food is important to you. Let them know you are interested in food policy and you are holding them accountable for their votes.
  • Go to our map to get more information about your own state. There you will find statistics about hunger and poverty and how many more people could go hungry based on how your member of Congress voted. You can also see the number of farmers markets that could lose funding or cuts to critical conservation programs. Find out about the Big Ag, billionaire farmers in your state who receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in government payments and get prepared to ask your representative why they voted to support additional loopholes at the expense of hungry children or veterans.
  • Dig deeper. Use a site like or to look up the Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions that your representative has accepted to fund their campaign. Do you see contributions from big agribusinesses, soda companies, fast food chains, sugar growers, or pesticide manufacturers? Then, compare contributions with votes. Did someone accept money from Big Ag and vote against labeling GMOs in our food? Did they take money from company PACs and vote to allow more pesticides in the soil or water? Ask specific questions about their contributions and their votes.

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