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Co-Sponsorship Activity for: S. 497: Healthy Families Act

Bill Info: This bill would set a national minimum standard for paid sick days. Businesses with 15 or more employees would be required to allow employees to earn up to seven paid sick days each year, while smaller businesses would have to allow their employees to earn job-protected, unpaid leave. Employers can use their existing policies as long as they meet these minimum standards.

Introduced On: 2/12/2015
Chamber: Senate
Bill number: S. 497
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Our mission is to highlight the importance of food policy and to promote policies that support healthy diets, reduce hunger at home and abroad, improve food access and affordability, uphold the rights and dignity of food and farm workers, increase transparency, improve public health, reduce the risk of food-borne illness, support local and regional food systems, protect and maintain sustainable fisheries, treat farm animals humanely and reduce the environmental impact of farming and food production. Food Policy Action promotes positive policies through education and publication of the National Food Policy Scorecard.